Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moving Sale To Finish in July

We're selling just about everything folks.  Moving out of our studio in a couple of weeks, so everything must go.
We'll be back in the Summers to shoot weddings and photo sessions, but the rest of the year we'll be in Haiti.
Tons of items for Sale:

Studio equipment - tripods, lenses, camera bags, flash and more
Music equipment - electric piano, guitars, microphones, amps, and more
Furniture - dresser, armoir, chairs, footstools and more.
Riding Lawn Mower, Push mower, weedeater and more
outdoor tool and hose containers
Dog Igloo
Tables - custom metal, wood kitchen table, picnic table/umbrella, glass patio table
Props - alot of unique ideas for backgrounds, textures, etc.
Fabrics - maternity, kids, textures,
Tools - Chop Saw, Cordless Drill, tool chests and more
Camping Gear - lanterns, fishing, coolers, and more
Snowsport Snow Plow
ATV jack
Washer/Dryer, frontload
Antique Barn Wood
Antique Barn Doors
Antique Wagon Wheels
Vehicle Rear Carrier
You name it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Whatever it Takes

A friend of mine asked me to put a song together with clips from Passion of the Christ for a sermon he would give.  
It was a song by Pillar, a very hard-edged, blood-curdling kind of sound, and not at all the kind of music I'd normally lend my ear to.  I could already hear my dad saying, "Son, that is not music, that's just noise." 
But it was a way of serving Him, and so I accepted the challenge of putting the torture and sacrifice of my Savior in the company of music that if I heard it on the radio, I couldn't flip the dial quick enough.

What I realized as I waded into the work was that there would be no better way to describe the resolve of what Jesus chose to do, the pain He accepted on our behalf.  It was not a pretty song.  There was nothing harmonic about what He did for us.  It was a split from anything right in this world.  The terrorism that He and those around Him experienced was beyond sanity as they entered into the realm of a crazed mob, frothing at the mouth for the ultimate destruction of His life... and this song told that story.  It put to music the raw reality of anguish, the resolve, the harshness, the barbaric chords of what Christ endured for us.  
This, my friends, is what I feel we should be shouting from the rooftops, instead of rationalizing a comfortable way of life.  Anything we do in His service, whether it makes sense in the eyes of man or not, right down to selling everything we own and moving to a foreign land to share His story... it's worth it.  
He is worth it.  Watch this video, and ask yourself if you'd rather listen to a lullaby:

Music: Pillar. Whatever it Takes
Video: Passion of the Christ

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Old Friend For Sale

Everything is now viewed through this lense: how many tickets to Haiti will that buy? So, just sold my last video camera. Anyone in the market for a keyboard? Weighted keys, plays great.  Just not going to need this in Haiti, and no point storing it. Gonna miss my old friend.
$1200 or best offer.

Friday, July 01, 2011


Happy Birthday Sweets!