Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rough Lumber at Living Springs Tonight

Just a quick note.  Tonight our band will be playing in the field at Living Springs Church in Brandon, SD after 6pm.
Bring your friends, bring your kids, eat some food, listen to some music and come home with a message, all for free.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Playing for Lifelight in 2010

It sounds like we've been given the blessing to play at Lifelight this year, on the 360 stage.  We'd appreciate your prayers, that the Glory goes to the Lord, and that the pictures, words, and sounds are a ministry to the souls that He desires to reach.
After the great urge to throw up...comes the greater urge to represent Jesus the best we can, to be obedient to His call.  It's not in our ability. It's in our availability.

P.S. we're also playing out in the field at Living Springs church in Brandon this Wednesday at 6 pm.   It will be a much, much, much smaller affair since we just found out a few days ago, but the Lord will bring who He wants, even if we're just singing to the passing cars.  :)